Fishing Boat

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When making a special cake for a birthday I am often asked to recreate the person’s vehicle, but this was the first time I’ve been asked to make the birthday person’s fishing boat!  I was working from pictures of the boat – a C-Hawk 25 fishing boat.  This was a half yellow/half chocolate cake – I decided to make the front half of the cake yellow, since my yellow cake holds shapes a little better, and the front half had the additional weight of the cabin.  The canopy was a bit tricky – i used wire and cardboard to support it, though it was covered in fondant.




  The customer requested that I include the birthday boy on the cake, wearing his favorite blue t-shirt and brown shorts.  Originally, the plan was to have him on the boat, surrounded by some fishing gear.  But as I was putting the cake together, I decided to go a slightly different route.  I thought it would be more fun to have him dozing with a fishing pole, and still catching a big fish!  The fish was made out of fondant, and I got the look of the scales by brushing the food color on.






The fishing pole was made of wire, covered with fondant (two wires, actually – the second, thinner wire for the fishing line!).  Strangely enough, the hardest part was the fishing hat.  Hats are always tricky for me, making certain that I have the shape of the hat correct, while also making it look as though it is sitting on an actual head.  I think I got it to look pretty good, and combined with the relaxed position of the body, it came out just like I wanted.  I decided to use blue foil paper to really give the sense that the boat is sitting on the water, and used white buttercream for the splashes.


I think this one came out pretty darn good!

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  1. Awesome, wish you live closer…..great job cuz =D

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