Where a Cake is a Work of Art

One-of-a-kind cakes made fresh and entirely from scratch


My name is Bob Woodington, and for me baking was always a hobby. Whether it was my great-grandmother’s fudge recipe or sugar cookies at Christmastime, or homemade rolls at Thanksgiving, I always felt at home with something rising in the oven.

At James Madison University, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, though a series of jobs left me without a regular outlet for my creative side.

In time, I married, and had three beautiful daughters. Each year as their birthdays would come, I found us spending more and more for birthday cakes that were…unspectacular. I felt that I could make a cake as good or better than those we were getting from the store. But if I were going to make a cake, I wasn’t going to just make an ordinary cake – I had to kick it to the next level. And Cakes by Bob was born!

I have lived in Virginia most of my life- in Fredericksburg, Alexandria, and Sterling, and I went to school at JMU in Harrisonburg, VA. For the last three years I have lived in Chesterfield, VA and that is where Cakes by Bob makes its home.

Order a Cake

Ordering one of Bob’s Cakes is as easy as….cake!

First you need to think of an idea of what you want your cake to look like. Is there a theme to your event? A favorite activity or cartoon character? That will give me an idea of how to sculpt the perfect cake for you.

The next step depends upon how big your event will be. For a wedding or larger event (over 75 people), you will need to schedule a consultation. For smaller events (less than 75 people), you will need to place a standard order.